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        Making sure you really please your readers

        Every year, magazine and newspaper publishers send around 1.5 billion Pressepost items a year using Presse Distribution, Deutsche Post’s press service. Every working day, throughout Germany.


        Magazine auf Tisch

        The right dispatch solution for every Pressepost item

        Whether it’s a daily newspaper, a glossy magazine or customer magazine – for every print run and in line with your current requirements – you can find the optimum dispatch solution for distributing your press products.

        Press distribution products
        Zustellerin an Briefkasten

        Our service for your circulation

        Our special services can make the distribution of your press products even more successful – from subscription support through to the Presse Sortierservice (Sorting service for press materials).

        Special services

        Practical examples:

        Here you will find links to easily download information, tips, short films and downloads relating to sending your publication with Deutsche Post.

        Expert knowledge

        Postage calculator

        Select your press product and find the prices for dispatching your print run.

        Postage calculator

        Guided Tours

        Watch short films about selected Presse Distribution products and special services.

        Guided Tours