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        Postbote wirft Einkauf Aktuell in den Briefkasten

        Unbeatable coverage in high-consumption regions with EINKAUFAKTUELL.

        Reach up to 20 million households every Saturday


        Coverage for retailers

        Achieve unbeatable coverage every week in high-consumption regions with EINKAUFAKTUELL. Activate your target group with your current offers in the form of an advertisement or insert. By using EINKAUFAKTUELL, you combine regional household advertising with useful value added, a free-of-charge TV guide, for your customers.

        EINKAUFAKTUELL offers a range of benefits:

        • Reach up to 20 million households in 28 conurbations
        • Low coverage waste through individual selection options
        • Direct delivery to mailboxes – usually on Saturdays
        • Everything from a single source – from planning to implementation

        Overview of our delivery areas:

        More information

        What EINKAUFAKTUELL offers:

        Your advertising in EINKAUFAKTUELL is reliably delivered to mailboxes in the selected target areas, usually on Saturdays. This enables you to reach up to 20 million households. The combination of regional brochures with an attractive medium – a TV guide – gives you a foot in the door for household advertising. From planning through to delivery, you benefit from a full range of services with just one point of contact.

        Further details

        Delivery depends on the brochure distribution areas which have been selected. (With the exception of no-advertising households.) If only one insert is assigned, we reserve the right to wrap the carrier medium in film. Changes may occur due to special deliveries and public holidays.