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        Book shipments - the economical alternative for dispatching books

        Printed books, brochures, sheet music and maps can be sent as book items. Addressed written communications (letters) are not permitted. In addition, you may enclose invoices/delivery notes, pre-printed payment forms, reply envelopes/return labels as well as lending cards or book inventory cards. Book items may not serve commercial purposes.
        Before you declare a shipment as a book shipment, please observe the restrictions and rules outlined under Features and Handling.

        New products for domestic Bücher- und Warenversand (book and merchandise shipments)

        All information regarding the new Bücher- and Warensendung can be found here.

        Learn more

        St?rer Warensendung en

        Since 01/01/2013, greatly simplified content criteria have applied to books:

        • Items can be prepared using, for example, photocopiers, laser printers, computer printers.
        • Factual information can be inserted loose or attached to items or their packaging. Such information/supplements can be, for example:
          • The invoice or delivery note for the contents of the item.
          • A payment form, also pre-printed, with the invoice amount.
          • A return reply envelope or return label.
          • A lending slip.
          • Printed documents, for example, brochures, cards with general and interchangeable texts (e.g., 'with best wishes for a good year') or general printed texts. These printed documents may not, however, be the main dispatch item.
          • Brief information describing the content, for example: internal label, location and date of dispatch as well as sender details and signature.
        • Books may contain advertising and a dedication, if the following criteria are met:
          • The advertising in or on the main dispatch item must be limited to the outer and inner sides of the envelope and to a maximum of four consecutive pages at the beginning and end of the item.
          • The dedication may consist of a short phrase, such as 'in loving memory, the author', to which brief quotes may also be added. This dedication can also be on a loosely attached sheet or card.
          • Catalogues, flyers and other advertising may be included with the main dispatch item.

        Addressed written communications (letters) are still not permitted, e.g.:

        • Individual letter texts of all kinds, whether handwritten or printed.
        • Texts with salutation (e.g., 'Dear customer').
        • Texts with a politeness formula (e.g., 'Yours sincerely').
        • Personal messages (e.g., 'rest to follow').


          Length Width Height Weight Price
        Gro? 10-35.3 cm 7-30 cm up to 15 cm up to 500 g EUR 1.20*
        Maxi 10-35.3 cm 7-30 cm up to 15 cm up to 1000 g EUR 1.70*
        * Exempt from statutory VAT pursuant to the German Value-added Tax Act.

        Do you have questions about book shipments?

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